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Illumina is a prominent hackathon that brings together the top brains from around  VIT-Vellore to tackle some of the most pressing problems in the world.

The hackathon, organized by the IE(I) Student Chapter of VIT Vellore, seeks to inspire young people to be imaginative, inventive, and cooperative. Participants will collaborate in groups over the course of the 36-hour event to create novel answers to contemporary issues utilizing cutting-edge tools and technology.

Teams will present their proposals to a panel of judges at the conclusion of the competition, who will assess them according to their originality, viability, and effect. The winning team will be given a financial reward and the chance to showcase their work in front of more people. 

By contributing to Illumina, you can promote your business as a pioneer in sustainability and social responsibility while simultaneously helping the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. Don't pass up this once-in-a-lifetime chance to socialise with a varied group of college students, recent graduates, and business leaders. Come out to this premier event with us and help us pave the path for a better future.





India in Space

With a specific emphasis on India's space programme, this track focuses on encouraging innovation and creativity in the fields of space technology and exploration. Participants in this track are urged to create initiatives and remedies that enhance India's space sector, deal with pressing issues, and investigate fresh possibilities. 



Addressing environmental, economic, institutional, technological issues and promoting innovation in the agriculture industry are the main goals of this track. The development of initiatives and solutions that use technology to improve agricultural production, sustainability, and efficiency is encouraged among participants in this track.


Solutions for Vitians

This track focuses to embrace technology's ability to enhance, streamline, and simplify the educational experience for all VITians. Create professional solutions that enhance the student experience all throughout campus!



Centered on utilizing technology to solve problems and spur innovation in the realm of education, this track encourages participants to create ideas and projects that use technology to improve learning, teaching, and educational results.The track encompasses various aspects of educational technology, including but not limited to: Online Learning Platforms,Personalized Learning,STEM Education,Gamification and Learning Games,Learning Analytics and Assessment,Inclusive Education and many more.



The goal of the Fintech hackathon track is to explore new methods and advancements in the field of financial technology. Participants in this track are encouraged to create initiatives and solutions that utilize technology to transform and enhance different aspects of the financial industry.



The Healthcare hackathon track is dedicated to fostering creativity and utilising technology to solve problems and enhance healthcare outcomes. The development of initiatives and solutions that employ technology to improve healthcare delivery, patient care, and general wellbeing is encouraged among participants in this track.


Foster innovation

Working on creative ideas across several sectors and themes is encouraged in the open-ended track. This course gives learners the chance to use their imagination, think creatively, and approach problems from several angles. It offers a chance to combine various talents, abilities, and knowledge to produce ground-breaking solutions.



The track aims to drive innovation, enhance defense capabilities, and contribute to national security through the application of technology and creative problem-solving.


Social Impact

Create initiatives that benefit communities, advance sustainability, and deal with a range of social challenges.


Gaming and Entertainment

The goal of this track for gaming and entertainment is to promote innovation and creativity in this sector. This course encourages participants to create solutions and projects that push the boundaries of interactive experiences, game development, and entertainment technology.

Hackathon Sponsors


25,000 in prizes

First Place

Winning team of Illumina'23

Second Place

Second best team of Illumina'23

Third Place

Third best team of Illumina'23

Best Idea

Team with the best and most innovative idea

Best UI/UX

Team with the best design

Best Pitching

Team with the best pitch

Best Freshers' Team

Best team composing of University students of Freshers.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Braham Agrawal

Braham Agrawal

Judging Criteria

  • User Experience / User Interface
    How useable is your project? Does it look nice? Does it accomplish what it's set out to do in an easy to use and approachable way?
  • Originality / Uniqueness
    Has this project been done before? Is it unique?
  • Wow factor
    Buffer points for anything not captured in the above pieces of criteria!
  • Practicality
    Is this something people will want to use? Does this have business value? Is this something that could grow and have a mass following?
  • Technicality
    How difficult is the problem you're solving? How many moving parts? Did you build it in an efficient manner? Did you give it too many moving parts? How clean is the code?

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